HeadsUp Solutions, Inc. is in the business of buying, selling, and servicing most types of new, pre-owned, and surplus new hardware and accessories for data collection. At HeadsUp we are committed to providing the highest standard of excellence to our customers in our sales and service contracts. We offer creative solutions for businesses dealing with high volume and high demand and pride ourselves on giving you the heads-up on what’s going down in the barcoding business.
   We offer the following solutions to meet our customers needs:
    - Rentals - Ideal for inventory during peak seasons and transitional use.
    - Batteries - Non-OEM replacement batteries that meet or exceed OEM specifications including a 12 month warranty
    - Repairs - Providing flat rate and contract pricing for most manufacturers and models of new and discontinued barcoding equipment.
    - Buyback - Our extensive pre-owned program demands an aggressive pursuit of legacy equipment.
    - Parts - Manufacturing Non-OEM replacement parts for companies that service and maintain their own equipment.
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